LukeoVerhere: like a new-MacBook smell

If you haven’t noticed. I haven’t really written anything like this in such a long time. However, I thought it’d be appropriate to start fresh, since I am starting college soon. You may be wondering why the website is called LukeoVerhere. Well, it’s for the most part a play on words, from the mispronouciations of my name, it sometimes sounds like look. There have been one too many times that i’ve turned around thinking somebody was calling me when they really were saying “look!”. With that, is how the birth of LukeoVerhere came about.

As for my life currently. I’m not going to use some fancy words to describe it. But it is really another step farther in my journey with God & life itself. The fact that I will be living in the city on my own for most part is still somewhat of a shock to me. With moving in only three days away, I don’t know what will become of me. Yet when I look at it, as much as I have my doubts and fears, I know that this is all God’s plan.

This journey, this story, this whatever you would like to call is still being written. As for what gets written down, the book is open God. I wonder though… Did all the times I turned my back on You basically say to You that I was keeping the book shut during those times? Or was I struggling with You to change the story to include things that I wanted? I’m sorry Lord. Now that I think about it, You sacrificed Your only Son to stop that struggle we had, didn’t You? I’m sorry it had to go that far Lord, but I thank You Lord so much for that. It is truly something I can never pay back, but all I can give to You Lord is my love and service. For You Lord, this book is staying open.

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