Love is The Answer

But he realized their intentionsand said to the man with the withered hand,“Come up and stand before us.”And he rose and stood there.Then Jesus said to them,“I ask you, is it lawful to do good on the sabbathrather than to do evil,to save life rather than to destroy it?”Looking around at them all, he then said to him,“Stretch out your hand.”He did so and his hand was restored.-Luke 6:8-10

As short as these verses are, the message that Jesus is saying is so profound. Regardless of what the laws said, Jesus chose to love. It wasn’t the matter of being right in the eyes of the law, the pharisees, or even the people around him.Jesus wasn’t calling out the pharisees despite their efforts to find fault in Jesus. What he was trying to say was there should never be a limit on Love.Why is it that we know that we should love selflessly, but we tend to hold it back? If we truly want to love selflessly, why are we afraid our love won’t be returned? Why is it that we stick our pride before our ability to love? If loving means letting go of one’s pride and choosing to not to seek victory in an argument, but choosing to be at peace, let it be. If it means looking like a fool in front of your peers, let it be. If it means loving so much that your heart hurts, continue to love. If anything that form of love in my opinion is one of the hardest, but in the end, it is truly Love. By loving regardless of how much it hurts, there cannot come anything evil from that Love. It may be tested more and more, but at the end, continuing to love in that manner only brings about more love.We must love with all of ourselves, with all of our hearts, and with pure humility.  With this, there is 1 hope.Love is the Movement & Love is THE Answer

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