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On Monday, I had the unfortunate experience of my MacBook HD dying. Movies, documents, photos, videos. All gone. Meh. Though it had me thinking, and left me with a lot of free time on my hands while the “Geniuses” at the Apple Store fixed my Mac (thanks Jeremy). As for what I’ve been up to? Pretty much just roaming around the city. Basically, I started my day off in the gym (never thought i’d say that) on the elliptical for about 1/2 hr. Then I cleaned up and headed off towards the subway to go to The Museum of Natural History, but before I even got into the subway I was stopped by these two nice girls (madd cute!.. okay i’ll get back on track) and they asked me to write something on their hoodie to show that 18-24 year olds care about something other than themselves and that we do want change:img_0852.JPG
Yeah, I was the first one to sign so what?Going on, I headed down to Chinatown (after MoNH) and had the opportunity to enjoy some wonderful dumplings from Joe’s Shanghai only to top it off with Bubble Tea, Boba, Pearl Drink, etc etc. Then taking the Q up to 57th, I ended my day back at Fordham. Edit: So I was wrong about ending there, I actually went down to my Aunt’s apt, to attempt to fix her computer. No luck there but good news is Apple called me to tell me that my computer was ready. So I dashed back to my apartment and hopped on a cab to the store (it was cold). Though I must say getting my mac back was bittersweet. It worked and all, but starting from scratch is a big step for me. Then again it does give me an opportunity to do things differently. Sometimes you just gotta start over. 

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