Endless wandering.

With the redesign complete. I offer you my first full post of the new year.

For the city that never sleeps, it can be quite quiet during the evening hours walking around Manhattan. Aside from dodging taxis and blaring sirens and horns, it can also be a quite peaceful place. I know what you’re thinking: “The city? Peaceful? You must be joking”.
I kid you not it can be quite peaceful just walking in the late hours of evening and really early hours of the morning. The simplicity of objects in such a complicated city come out of hiding. Yet the funny thing of it all is that they were never in hiding, but were just obscured from view. Or if not that, there was too much going on earlier in the day that you wouldn’t have noticed it otherwise. Sitting in the middle of Columbus Circle, staring up at sky, and looking into the horizon you start to notice things. All the lights are meant to place focus on those buildings, but looking past that you see the glimpse of the city fading away. Not destroyed, but again, horizon. it fades off into that distance into a nothingness of sort. With a city that has almost everything at your fingertips, it is awkward to say that there’s any hint of nothingness. But in reality that is what you see.

Though as you attempt reach that horizon, which is not actually possible, otherwise it wouldn’t be horizon, you start to see other things. 5th Avenue that would be busting and jam packed on any given day is desolate and empty. Where the rich would be walking up and down the streets, the homeless take refuge in any crevice of a building they could find. Most notably, the Episcopal Church on 53rd and 5th. It ‘s such a reverse of reality walking down that way, noticing the irony of that sight. To them I offer a small prayer.

Continuing from 5th Avenue,  I walk westward back towards the dorms, settling back at where I started, Columbus Circle. That loop, route, circle, whatever you’d like to call it leaves one wondering, not so much wandering, but wondering. 

In that silence and notion of peace, maybe it’s the only real time the city could speak out of its concerns.

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