Flash! Boom. Bam!

Off camera flash, a la Strobist give the ability to turn a good photo into a great photo. Well, at least that’s my opinion of my shots from the Flash Dance Competition at Seton Hall on Saturday. JR Pena asked me to help cover this event along side him, and of course I was more than willing to help out. Being able to work with him and “Tigertron” Mark was a lot of fun and if you’re ever shooting a large event, I highly recommend working with additional photographers to capture different angles.

But back to the lighting. Working with one strobe setup produced dramatic shadows in a lot of the shots while keeping many of the shots tack sharp at ISO 400. In the future I want to work with multiple strobes, but that will have to wait for now. In the meantime, here’s some of the shots out of the event:

Duplicity Duo Freeze IMG_3086 IMG_2288 IMG_4906 Balance

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