Shooting from the hip

I got to shoot a little bit on Saturday with a couple of friends. Not too many shots, but still just as interesting shooting around the East Side. I was able to take some shots from a different perspective.

Sometimes you can’t get the shot from an eye-level perspective. In situations like that, you just have to experiment. Quite literally, you have to shoot from the hip. Or at least that’s what I did with this shot:

Another interesting angle to consider is working with reflections. Typically we try to capture what is in front of us, but how often does one consider what is beyond our direct line of sight? Whether it be puddles, windows, or even anything reflective, it makes for a different image. It’s particularly useful in getting a candid of a subject for a more natural looking photo.
Taxi Reflections

As for this last shot, I found it interesting shooting from a low angle, though not a macro shot,  I was able to capture a lot of detail using the 50mm lens.
Lemon Twist

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