Welcome to the Main Event.

Mr. JR Pena himself asked me, Bryan Angeles, Lizette Gesuden, Carl Francis Sison, and Jonathan Alegre to help cover the Main Event Dance Competition at the BergenPAC this past Saturday, February the 28th. Hands down one of the more difficult events to cover, but nowhere near as hard as it was to cover FIND Dialogue at Rutgers this past fall. Working with changing stage lights, logistics, speakers on the verge of falling, etc. made it an interesting challenge to tackle, but nonetheless satisfying. Capturing action shots and gaining additional experience working alongside all of these great photographers was worth it all. To all the performers, you guys did a heck of a job. I mean that to all of you.

One Last Spotlight. Vertical Boogiebots A bit before the moment. Tip of the hat. Thank you.

more here: www.flickr.com/lukeydukey

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