Counting Sheep.

So, you must be wondering why in the world I would be awake at seven in the morning on a Saturday. I guess you can take it one or two ways. A) Luke is an insomniac, or B) Luke has something on his mind. If you said A or B, you’re right because the answer is both A & B. I’ve been on a late sleep/insomniac streak for the past week or so. You can blame it on the papers, or whatever, but that doesn’t solve the insomnia. But since I’m awake, let us not dabble in the negative aspect of it.

Some of the benefits of my horrible sleeping schedule:

  • I can keep in touch with my west coast friends, including reminding them periodically to do their homework/stop staying up so late even though I’m one to talk…
  • It’s actually possible to knock out an entire season or two of Battlestar Galactica in one day, INCLUDING the Miniseries.
  • Continuing with that theme, I’ve pretty much finished my DVD collection twice over.
  • Peanut Butter & Jelly Sandwiches have become a staple of a late night snack.
  • After a long event, I can process photos without so much a nod of my head.
  • If I ever decided to become Batman, I wouldn’t have to get used to a new sleeping schedule.
  • The sunrise is entirely possible to catch, especially since I’m on the East Coast.

As for what’s on my mind. It’s a little bit of everything. Life, love, inspiration, family, friendship, and even my future are all on that list. Vague? Yes. Most definitely. But trust me in that as vague as that is, that for the most part is what’s going on in my mind. As for love…

april-45 …that can wait for now.

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