Central to the Point.

A good friend of mine, Jan Fune, was interested in doing a shoot in the city. More specifically: Central Park. Now I’ve never done a formal shoot in the park so logistically speaking it was definitely an interesting experience. For example: if you plan to shoot in the park: bring an assistant. Apparently the use of any light stands is against park rules without a permit. So if you’re of the Strobist school of lighting, get a friend to help you hold your wireless flash.

On another note, it was even more fun working behind the scenes with Jan being the primary photographer for this particular shoot. Assisting with lighting and equipment was a lot of fun, but what was really interesting was observing him in action with posing everybody. You learn something new out on the field every day, especially terms like: smize, and “look tranquil.”

Though most important in any shoot, there’s one thing you need to at least try to do: HAVE FUN.

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