Shawarma and all that good stuff.

So for the past couple of years my good friend Mohammed has been telling me his uncle’s cart runs circles around the famous 53rd and 6th cart in NYC. Of course, after 2 years of being a faithful customer to the famous carts, I was a bit skeptical. However, for the people that know me, I am always open to new kinds of foods. Today I had the opportunity to experience the chicken and shawarma from the 2009 Vendy Award nominated King of Falafel & Shawarma cart at 30th and Broadway in Astoria, NY owned and operated by Chef Freddy.

In Jersey tradition, I trekked out to Astoria (note to self: switch Astoria with whatever far away land where I discover new food) to see what was so amazing about the food from this cart. This isn’t the cheap gyro meat at the local no name cart. Only succulent shawarma spins on the broiler and perfectly marinated chicken on the grill. I’m not sure what they use in the marinade, but the flavor in the meats will have me coming back for more.

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