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Google Glass Explorer

Reporter: Marisa Krystian International Business Times


A pilot video I produced and edited for / “Our Curiosophics want to explore food and drinks that you wouldn’t try out on an average day. In this video we introduce Maotai, a Chinese liquor, or baijiu. Take a look at what we thought about the liquor after we took a taste.” Credits: […]

Not so Aurora

  Sometimes shoots don’t go as planned. In this case we were looking to get some shots of the Aurora. With the overcast sky, and the aurora stuck in traffic somewhere in Canada we decided to make our own light show…  

Marie’s Shoot

Driving down to the edge of Central/South jersey, I had the chance to shoot with my best friend, Marie, along the empty Jersey Shore for her fashion blog, “Petite, Fabulous, and Broke“. It was cold and windy, but Marie was awesome to work with. Special thanks to Janjan for helping us out with this shoot.



St. Marks Exploration

Wow. Clearly, I’ve been behind on updating this. Then again, I’ve been on a bit of hiatus while I get my life together now that I’m in the “real world”. Well…somewhat. Anyways, I went into the city to meet up with some friends and  got back to the roots of my photography. Back when I […]

Van Gogh’s Ear

I think the fun part about photography is the times when you’re just taking snapshots of what’s around you. It’s kind of good practice if you think about it. Your biggest goal the entire time is not to disturb the environment around you, but merely document it. It’s essentially the role you have as an […]


Long story short, my good ‘ol trusty 30D finally passed away. A spiteful bank account later, I ended up replacing the body which was actually long overdue. What an appropriate place but in a garden along with trusty mentor and friend, John Richard Pena. Basically I’m relearning how to shoot again with this new body, […]