Not so Aurora


Sometimes shoots don’t go as planned. In this case we were looking to get some shots of the Aurora. With the overcast sky, and the aurora stuck in traffic somewhere in Canada we decided to make our own light show…



Marie’s Shoot

This gallery contains 17 photos.

Driving down to the edge of Central/South jersey, I had the chance to shoot with my best friend, Marie, along the empty Jersey Shore for her fashion blog, “Petite, Fabulous, and Broke“. It was cold and windy, but Marie was awesome to work with. Special thanks to Janjan for helping us out with this shoot.


St. Marks Exploration

Wow. Clearly, I’ve been behind on updating this. Then again, I’ve been on a bit of hiatus while I get my life together now that I’m in the “real world”. Well…somewhat. Anyways, I went into the city to meet up with some friends and  got back to the roots of my photography. Back when I was still in college in NYC (not that long ago honestly), I had the opportunity to randomly explore and really just experiment. Maybe it’s time to get that started again. But in the meantime. Take a look.


Van Gogh’s Ear

I think the fun part about photography is the times when you’re just taking snapshots of what’s around you. It’s kind of good practice if you think about it. Your biggest goal the entire time is not to disturb the environment around you, but merely document it. It’s essentially the role you have as an event photographer–to an extent. Sure there are the posed and formal shots, but when you capture the essence of a moment, and those little details in their untouched candid states, you bring the picture full circle making a series of images not just a collection of pictures but a detailed narrative, where each image is a page of a story that envelops you.



Long story short, my good ‘ol trusty 30D finally passed away. A spiteful bank account later, I ended up replacing the body which was actually long overdue. What an appropriate place but in a garden along with trusty mentor and friend, John Richard Pena. Basically I’m relearning how to shoot again with this new body, even more so now since I’m now video capable.


Graduation “Shoot”

Generally speaking, my friends aren’t big fans of the “traditional” cap & gown shoot that involve the same boring poses in front of a painted bookshelf background. So we decided to go simple route into a little park nestled within the confines of Manhattan, but nowhere near as hectic as Central Park. To say the least, we had a lot of fun. My assistant, not pictured here, also got to play around and experiment as well. I’d say that my assistant is coming along well. I tip my hat off to you.  To all of us grads looking for work, I tip my hat off to you as well. I wish you all the best of luck.


Western Europe

Now that I have finally finished four long years of undergrad, I’ve had the opportunity to travel with the family from Barcelona, to Florence, Rome, Naples, and Palma Majorca. Being in a world outside of the United States is eyeopening and quite surreal. What I sought to capture was something pretty. But what I came back with was something beautiful.

The Spiral Staircase at the Vatican Museum.



Commencement season. Time to laugh, enjoy celebrate. My sister finally got to celebrate 5 years of hard work, sleepless nights, let alone weeks. To honor that, I find it appropriate to feature her commencement here.


Spring Fling 2011

These photos are an interesting set to say the least. The difference in comparison to the other sets is that I didn’t take all these shots. I had my camera for awhile and then left it with some close friends while I kicked back a bit. Needless to say, that turned into a mini photo lesson. So while they’re not named one by one here, This is dedicated to each and every person who took these shots while I stepped back.





Spring Snapshots

With spring popping in and out, between the unusual bouts of cold lately, I was able to grab some snapshots back at home and also along the Highline. First, with my sister working with a old but sturdy 35mm Nikon FG. Then back in the city with my friend Hannah, for a basic lesson and tips about exposure, composition, and lighting. Hopefully the weather gets much warmer so I can shoot more regularly outside.