Less is more.

In the quest to improve my photography, the best help I have gotten were from the photographers and support that came before me: my friends and family. These people served not just as sources of advice, but as mentors and in a sense, teachers. From the basics of my first SLR to the complexities of light, i’ve been trying to absorb a plethora of knowledge. Though it has helped my technique immensely, every piece of advice I have received over the past year always comes back to one central theme: “Keep it Simple”. 

That’s not to say don’t experiment! Trust me, experimenting is the one of the best ways to learn photography. Though when on “assignment,” or working an event, you want to be able to capture the right moments. Fumbling with settings too often can cause you to miss that shot ( source: Francis Lacson =] ). Personally I tend to be stubborn and stick to manual because I am truly a control freak, but I really understand what he’s saying (Pacs, if you’re reading this, thanks again for that advice). Another big point to make is that knowing everything technical doesn’t mean you’ll be a good photographer. It’s definitely beneficial. But if you can’t compose a shot for your life, how good is knowing all the technicalities of your camera? 

When you think about it, this also applies to life. There’s enough complexities around you. Leave some room for simplicity and keep it simple.

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